The privileges of the Club shall be extended only to Club members and their guests. It is the responsibility of each Member to see that their guests comply with the club rules. Members must be on Club grounds when guests are using Club facilities. Members will be held responsible for the conduct of and all debts incurred by their guests.

Children under 16 years of age are permitted to use the clubhouse only under the direct, personal supervision of their parents or other responsible adults. Parents of minors will be responsible for their conduct and behavior. It is the policy of Club Management that children who misbehave will be asked to leave.

Smoking is prohibited in the Clubhouse.

Mobile phones are allowed throughout the clubhouse. Any personal calls should be taken in the hallways & common areas.

The Clubhouse dress code varies according to the specific dining area within the Club. All clothing worn by members and their guests must be neat, clean, untattered and otherwise in good taste. Members should advise their guest of the dress code for all occasions. Members and their guest will be seated in the appropriate dining area in keeping with their attire. If unacceptable attire is worn they will not be seated.


Cell phones are not permitted in the dining rooms at any time. If you must have your cell phone with you, we ask that you turn the ringer off and step out of the dining rooms before taking any calls.

During times of inclement weather we ask that you check your coat with coat check or hang it up on the coat rack provided behind the Front Desk.

Business casual preferred. Unacceptable attire includes: cut offs, short shorts, jogging shorts, halter tops, tank tops, men’s sleeveless or mesh shirts, spiked shoes, swimwear and tennis attire. No hats for men, however ladies may wear hats that are in keeping with their outfit; baseball caps are not permitted. Denim is permitted.


All persons using the golf course, practice tees, putting green, and other practice areas must wear clothing in keeping with Club and golf tradition. Sale of merchandise in the Golf Shop is not a guarantee that it is acceptable attire for the golf course.

Men must wear shirts with collars or acceptable mock turtlenecks. Sleeveless shirts, denim, short shorts, cut offs, or variations from traditional golf attire are prohibited.

Women may wear collarless shirts as long as they are conservatively tailored. Pants, shorts and shirts are permitted as long as they as traditional and meet all other guidelines. Tank tops, denim, cut offs, swimwear, sport jerseys or variations from traditional golf attire are prohibited.

Both men and women’s shorts should be a conservative tailoring. Junior golfers and guest must adhere to the same guidelines as all other members. Club Management and the professional staff are required to deny golf course privileges to any individual whose attire is not considered appropriate.

Club Events

The dress code will be announced on the activity notice for all Club parties, feature activities and special dining functions.

Guests must be accompanied by a Member in active standing.


Swimmers shall have suits that are designed as bathing suits. Cut offs and shorts are not acceptable swim attire. Knee length jams will be acceptable. Swimmers must wear tops and footwear when going to or from the Snack Shoppe and Pool area. Improperly dressed swimmers will be asked to change before swimming. Other attire is at the sole discretion of Club Management.

While using the swimming pool all members must sign in. Guests are limited to 2 per family member not to exceed 6.

Children under the age of 13 may NOT be left unattended at the pool at any time.


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